Infection prevention is a banner cry by many epidemiologists concerned with reducing instances of healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) and combating the growing threat of superbugs. Antimicrobial resistance is becoming a pressing issue as it results in drugs becoming ineffective and requiring increasingly harsher chemicals for surface disinfection. In this market, UV-C light has a proven track record being used to address air purification as far back as the early 1900s. In fact, there are instances of UV-C lamps still being employed for air purification in communal locations like waiting rooms, where sick patients interact with other patients and clinical care workers, thereby increasing the risk of developing multiple co-morbidities.

In the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported real improvements in controlling the incidents of HAIs while at the same time noting that that there is still much work to do. As a result, medical equipment providers are considering how UV-C provides infection prevention and control in portable devices which could be used by healthcare professionals at the point-of-care or to disinfect high touch surfaces, like personal electronics, medical carts, and diagnostic equipment.


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