1.Features & Applications

  • Lighting Color(Peak Wavelength): 260~280nm
  • Surface Mount Type LED Package: 3.5 × 3.5 ×0.9 (L × D × H) [Unit: mm]
  • View angle (2Θ1/2=170deg)
  • Disinfection, Fluorescent Spectroscopy, Sensor Light, etc.




(1) Peak Wavelength Tolerance ± 3.5nm

(2) Radiant Flux Measurement tolerance ±10%

(3) Forward Voltage Tolerance ± 10%

(4) RJ-b is thermal resistance from junction to case.

(5) All characteristics are measured by SEMICONLIGHT

Note 1 : Bin Code method

Bin Code (W0-P0-V0)

– Peak Wavelength = W0

– Radiant Flux = P0

– Forward Voltage = V0

7.Reliability Test Items and Conditions

2) Reliability Tests

8.Soldering Conditions

Soldering conditions

1) Recommended Soldering

  • SEMICONLIGHT recommends to use SnBiCuCo (Tin/bisemuth/Copper/Cobalt) of solder paste composition.
  • The recommended stencil thickness is 60~80㎛.
  • The recommended stencil solder paste area is 60~80%.
  • When soldering, do not use a hot plate,

recommended to use a convection type reflow machine. (see figure 1.)

Figure1. Do not use a hot plate or Soldering Iron to mount led-package onto PCB, recommended to use a reflow machine.

  • Recommendaed Reflow Soldering profile
  • Available Max temperature : 175℃ – 10 sec. ( AuSn Solder Not Applicable)
  • After Reflow Soldering, Rapid cooling should be avoid.
  • Strongly prohibition of rapid increasing temperature.
  • Do not repeat Reflow soldering (UVC PKG must be a reflow process only once)

 Low Temperature Lead-Free Solder      Lead-Free Solder

(highly Recommended to use a low temperature solder)

  1. Packing

1) Carrier Tape & Carrier Reel Dimensions (unit :mm )

(1) Quantity : 3,000pcs/reel (maximum)

(2) Adhesion strength of cover tape is 0.1 ~ 0.7N when the cover tape is turned off from the carrier tape.

(3) Leader 100~120 of empty pockets.

(4) Trailer 50~60 of empty pockets.

1) Carrier Tape & Carrier Reel Dimensions (unit : mm)

Carrier Tape


(1) Quantity : 3,000pcs/reel (maximum)

(2) Adhesion strength of cover tape is 0.1 ~ 0.7N when the cover tape is turned off from the carrier tape.

(3) Leader 100~120 of empty pockets.

(4) Trailer 50~60 of empty pockets.

  1. Label Structure


(1) Model name

(2) Bin-Rank : Consult to page 5

  1. Precaution
  2. Cleaning.
  • This Device is not allowed to be used in any type of fluid such as water, oil, organic Solvent, etc.
  • If cleaning is required, IPA is recommended as cleaning solution.
  • Pretests should be conducted with the actual cleaning process to validate that the process will not

damage the UV LEDs

  1. Mounting Precautions
  • The time taken for a device to return to the room temperature after reflow soldering depends on the

mounting board and environmental conditions.

  • Pressure on the UV LEDs will influence to the reliability and easily scratched. Avoid friction against hard

materials and strong pressure.

  • It is recommend, do not put stress on the UV LEDs during heating .
  • When installing an assembled board into equipment, ensure that the devices on the board do not

contact with other components.

  • Recommend once soldering. If re-soldering can not avoid, The UV LEDs characteristics should be

carefully checked before and after such repair.

  1. Packing
  • Moisture-Proof Packaging
  • These UV LED devices are packed in an aluminum envelope with a silica gel and a moisture indicator to

avoid moisture absorption. The optical characteristics of the device may be affected by exposure to

moisture in the air before soldering and the device should therefore be stored under the following


  • This moisture proof bag may be stored unopened within 12 months at the following conditions.
  • Temperature: 5 ℃ to 30 ℃ Humidity: 50 % (MAX)
  • After opening the moisture proof bag, the device should be assembled within 4 weeks in an

environment of 5 ℃ to 30 ℃/60 % RH or below.

  1. Precaution
  2. Precaution
  3. Handling Precautions
  • The tape is antistatic-coated. However, if the tape is charged with excess static electricity, devices

might cling to the tape or waggle in the tape when the cover tape peeled off. Be aware of the following

to avoid this:

  • Use an ionizer to neutralize the ions when utilizing an automatic mount Device..
  • For transport and temporary storage of devices, use containers (boxes, jigs, bags) that are made with

antistatic materials or materials that dissipate static electricity.

  • Use preventive (ESD, EOS) measure; conductive floor mats, ground connection, wear conductive

shoes, and wear a wrist strap

  • Take suitable preventive measure s according to your working environment
  • Note that the above measures are only examples
  • When the device is in operation, the forward current should be carefully determined considering the

maximum ambient temperature and corresponding junction temperature.

  1. Manual Handling Precaution
  • Do not pick up UV LEDs with fingers.

– The horizontal or vertical force applied to the CSPs might damage

  • Use tweezers to pick up UV LEDs.

– Teflon coated tweezers would be recommended that the UV LED is not to scratch

  • During assembly processing, a mechanical stress on the surface should be minimized
  • Recommend holding the sidewalls of UV LEDs (See figure 2.)

Figure 2. incorrect handling (left) and correct handling(right) of UV Package

  1. Precaution
  2. Safety for eyes and skin
  • The Products emit high intensity ultraviolet light which can make your eyes and skin harmful, so do not

look directly into the UV light and wear protective

  1. Others
  • If the forward or reverse voltage which exceeds the absolute maximum rating is applied to the UV LEDs,

that will cause the damage to the UV LEDs. It is possible that the damaged UV LEDs .Be careful not to

look the UV LEDs that the output power is strongly increased in the face. It is possible that eyesight

has been getting weaker.

This specifications of the product may be revised without notice.


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