Did you know that the average cellphone carries more germs per square inch than a toilet seat?

while you wash your hands you don’t want normally wash your cellphone .Another interesting fact is that on average a cellphone is 10 times dirtier than a public restroom.well ,that’s gross. Now you can make it better by one ! The sterilizer box can be used for any object that fits in thebox such as your

  • Smartphones.
  • Cash.
  • Watches.
  • Jewelry.
  • Glasses.
  • Keys, and many other small items.

What UV disinfection is about

These devices are sold under the name mobile phone sanitizers, and these are small boxes large enough to put your smartphone inside. after a few minutes, your phone will be clean from viruses and bacterias.

How these mobile phone sanitizers work

This is all about electromagnetic waves. So UV light is electromagnetic radiation and the wavelengths are shorter than visible light, but they are also longer than X-rays. The short-wavelength UV (UVC) is normally considered “germicidal UV”.

Wavelengths from a certain range are strongly absorbed by nucleic acids, and this absorbed energy can result in defects that prevent replication resulting in the death or inactivation of the organism. So they are not necessarily killing the germs directly, they affect their reproduction and this is what makes them harmless.

So what happens to microbes is a bit similar to the effects of sunburn in humans. Microbes have no protection against UV and cannot survive prolonged exposure to it. This is why some claim that the current coronavirus expansion will eventually decrease due to warm weather, at least on the northern hemisphere.

All in all, what you have here is a sort of dry sterilizing or dry sanitizing technology. These are UV phone cleaners, and there is no extra heat so no worry about your phone, it will not be damaged when you sanitize it in these phone sanitizers. Some are designed so that you can use them also as phone chargers.


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